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Saturday, December 10

William Clothier Watts, Grazing Sheep, Temple of Luxor, Egypt, c. 1915, Watercolor on paper. The Jean and Graham Devoe Williford Charitable Trust;

Mediterranea: American Art from the Graham D. Williford Collection on view November 17, 2022–February 26, 2023 at the LSU Museum of Art This varied...

Paul Scott, Cumbrian Blue(s) New American Scenery, Angola 3, No. 2 (detail), 2019. In-glaze screen print (decal) on salvaged Syracuse China with pearlware glaze. Images courtesy of Ferrin Contemporary.

Pearlware, Polish, and Privilege: Art by Paul Scott LSU Museum of Art (LSU MOA) will showcase pearlware plates and platters crafted by Paul Scott amongst a...

bunny self portrait sculptures by Alex Podesta

Some Boys, a Few Bunnies, and One Lousy Unicorn: Sculptures by Alex Podesta will be on view at the LSU Museum of Art in Baton Rouge, Louisiana from October...

Relaxation Room

The Relaxation Room will be open November 28th until December 12th for students during midterms. We will have coloring, games, puzzles, relaxing music and...

biodiversity in the tropical forest

LSU Saturday Science "Why Are the Tropics the Global Biodiversity Hotspot?" Kyle Harms, Mary Lou Applewhite Endowed Professor, LSU Biological Sciences We...

CHSE Ambassadors December General Meeting

CHSE Ambassadors December General Meeting --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=1779312

FIA General Body Meeting

Come hang out with Feminists in Action as we do crafts & learn --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=1742523


Social event between our sorority and a partnered fraternity --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=1817099

custodian hugging residents goodbye

Residence halls close over winter break. You are expected to vacate your room within 24 hours of your last exam or by 8 p.m. on December 10, 2022, whichever...

Saturday, December 10