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Monday, October 30

This is a mixed media sculptural work called The Sugar by artist Cedric Smith. It features a boxer with text: boxing, The Sugar, and welterweight.

The LSU Museum of Art (LSU MOA) premieres the exhibition African American Masterworks from the Paul R. Jones Museum at The University of Alabama on Thursday,...

Two resident assistants smiling outside of Spruce Hall

The role of an RA is to know the residents in the community on a personal level, provide them with resources and support, and be excited about their successes.

Virtual Event
This is an image of one of the models in drag attire for the Reveal exhibition by photographer Jerry Siegel.

The LSU Museum of Art is premiering two fall exhibitions exploring LGBTQ+ themes: The Shaping of Us: Queerness in Ceramics, August 3–October 22, 2023, and...

Julian T. White and student review architectural plans

In 2022, LSU’s Board of Supervisors voted to recognize the significant contributions of four Black LSU pioneers by naming two programs and one building in...

Testing Materials Pickup

Stop by the Student Government office to pick up FREE TESTING MATERIALS. We have scantrons, bluebooks and pencils for your testing needs this semester. Max...

Fall Semester 2023 Open Hours

Fall Semester 2023 Open Hours --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2151737

Advisor helps student

Developed and facilitated by LSU Online & Continuing education, this course is designed for faculty who are new to teaching online or are interested in...

Anne Fogarty

October 1: Opening reception for "Women Fashioning Women" and the Annual Meeting of the Friends of the LSU Textile & Costume Museum. October 2, 2023 -...

Advisor helps student

Do You Want to Learn How to Build Wealth? Of course, you do! We invite you to join Don Chance, PhD, CFA – James C. Flores Endowed Chair of MBA Studies and...

Hygiene Drive

Hygiene Drive collecting any and all products including: soap, lotion, deodorant, feminine products, washcloths, fuzzy socks, etc., students are willing to...

LSU Annual Blood Drive

LSU's annual blood drives happen twice per month throughout the academic year in partnership with different blood centers in the community that support our...


Buy a boo gram for your boo thang! --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2234087

Children's Health and Hygiene Drive

Children's hygiene drive collecting children's/sensitive soap, lotion, deodorant, baby wipes, toothbrushes/toothpaste etc. to donate to a children's shelter....

Greekwide Bible Study

Greekwide Bible Study for freshman hosted by student leaders. --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2124989

LSU Student Senate Committee Meetings

LSU Student Senate committee meetings occur every Monday and Tuesday evening throughout the year. --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2169123

Greekwide Bible Study

Bible study for freshman members led by student leaders. --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2124990

Chapter Meeting

Weekly meetings held to discuss sorority events, plans, and issues. --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2154114

Chapter Meeting

Weekly meetings held to discuss sorority events, plans, and issues. --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2154102

SPC Exec Meetings

Meeting with exec members to discuss events and plans for the year --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2236672

Atomic Burger Fundraiser

Come to Atomic Burger on October 30th from 5PM to 9PM to participate in a fundraiser that supports the LSU Pre-Vet Club! --- Event Details:...

Believers Bible Study

Join us for our weekly Bible studies as we dive into the word of God. --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2155727

Movie Night

LGSA will be hosting its first movie night, all LSU students are welcome. We will be playing the movie ''El laberinto del fauno'' (Pan's Labyrinth) and we...

Bible Study

This weekly bible study will include reading scripture, telling relevant stories, listening to worship music, and many other activities to foster a welcoming...

Bible Study

This weekly bible study will include reading scripture, telling relevant stories, listening to worship music, and many other activities to foster a welcoming...

Gods Ambassadors

Monday bible study --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2203756

Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity: LSAT Logic Games Event

Join us for a night of LSAT Logic Games studying! This is a great , fun way to dive into studying for the logic games section of the LSAT. We hope to see you...

Study With The Gammas

Need to study for some important exams coming up? Would you like to get some homework done with a Gamma? Come join us at the Atchafalaya Room in the Student...


A flagship LSU SWE event that has a lot of Halloween fun for our members! --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2249068

Meet Your Match

Freshman are welcomed to come mingle and participate in icebreaker games and interact with people of similar interests and major to be able to form study...

Word and Worship

A weekly meeting of word, worship and prayer --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2243823

Judicial Branch Meeting

Weekly Judicial Branch Meetings --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2116173

Peter Kolkay (Bassoon)

Bassoon artist and pedagogue Peter Kolkay (Vanderbilt University) travels to LSU for a recital of new works by contemporary composers.

Executive Directors Meeting

Executive Directors Meeting --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2178425

Monday, October 30