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Saturday, February 3

2024 Stately Oaks Music Festival

The Stately Oaks Music Festival is a multi-day camp designed for high school (grades 9 – 12) and middle school (grades 7 and 8) music students. Students will...

This is a black and white photograph of artist Andy Warhol.

on view January 11–March 31, 2024 The decades of the late twentieth-century represent a unique era of artistic experimentation, innovation, and discovery,...

This is an image of a woman standing in front of a multicolor interactive digital wall sculpture that is moving with her.

on view November 30, 2023–March 3, 2024 Daniel Rozin is an artist, educator, and developer working with interactive digital art. For over three decades,...

Spring 2024 Open Hours

Spring 2024 Open Hours --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2256335

2024 Mardi Gras Conference

The English Graduate Student Association is hosting the 34th annual Mardi Gras Conference on February 1-3, 2024. The theme is "Legacies of Power and the...

AGSA's Celebration Experience

AGSA's Celebration Experience. . Activities: Go-Karts, Mini-golf and Arcade games --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2257514

IFC Spring Rush Table Talk

Potential New Members for Spring Rush will be able to meet and speak with each of the six chapters that are participating in Spring Rush. --- Event Details:...

Spread the Love Drive

Collecting any and all blankets and fuzzy socks to donate to the East Baton Rouge Center on Aging (EBRCOA)! Also collecting paper towels and toilet paper for...

EsportsLSU Friday Weekly Workshop

Weekly tournaments and game nights for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and more. --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2255843

Sigma Chi Ski Lodge Party

We are having a Ski Lodge themed party at the Sigma Chi house --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2256675

Saturday, February 3