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Tuesday, February 6

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Virtual Event
This is a black and white photograph of artist Andy Warhol.

on view January 11–March 31, 2024 The decades of the late twentieth-century represent a unique era of artistic experimentation, innovation, and discovery,...

This is an image of a woman standing in front of a multicolor interactive digital wall sculpture that is moving with her.

on view November 30, 2023–March 3, 2024 Daniel Rozin is an artist, educator, and developer working with interactive digital art. For over three decades,...

Testing Materials Pickup

Stop by the Student Government office to pick up FREE TESTING MATERIALS. We have scantrons, bluebooks and pencils for your testing needs this semester. Max...

Testing Materials Pickup

Stop by the Student Government office to pick up FREE TESTING MATERIALS. We have scantrons, bluebooks and pencils for your testing needs this semester. Max...

Spring 2024 Open Hours

Spring 2024 Open Hours --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2256335

Anne Fogarty

October 1: Opening reception for "Women Fashioning Women" and the Annual Meeting of the Friends of the LSU Textile & Costume Museum. October 2, 2023 -...

Advisor helps student

Travel: This course is intended to give an overview of the University Travel Program for travelers and administrative personnel. The course will also include...

LSU Annual Blood Drive

LSU's annual blood drives happen twice per month throughout the academic year in partnership with different blood centers in the community that support our...

Mardi Gras Mambo

Mardi Gras is fast approaching, and we are celebrating on campus! Join us on Tuesday, February 6 for Mardi Gras Mambo! We are teaming up with LSU Dining to...

DIY Valentines Card

Join the LSU Library Programming Committee for DIY Valentines cards! --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2255923

Cru Women's Lunch Small Group

All girls welcome to join our lunchtime bible study in the Union! --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2256456

Spread the Love Drive

Collecting any and all blankets and fuzzy socks to donate to the East Baton Rouge Center on Aging (EBRCOA)! Also collecting paper towels and toilet paper for...

Cru Men's Lunch Bible Study

Cru guys small group is a great place to connect with God and connect with others. --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2256805

Advisor helps student

This workshop is for faculty and staff at the LSU A&M campus who prepare, route and submit proposals. The workshop will provide an overview of the...

Chapter Meeting

Weekly meeting to discuss chapter plans, events, and issues --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2255857

Paint and Sip

Fun event for students on campus to engage with the brothers and show their creativity. --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2255949

Political Panel

Engage in an enlightening political panel during Black History Month. Join the conversation as we reflect on the strides made, celebrate achievements, and...

Meet Your Swolemate <3

Join LSU Girl Gains in our second annual gym buddy "speed-dating" and activity meeting! --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2257099

Chapter Meeting

The sorority meets to update all members on current events within the chapter and throughout PHC. --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2255891

Dance Marathon at LSU directors meeting

This meeting is for our directors board to receive information, work on individual tasks, and ask questions about upcoming fundraising events. --- Event...

Engineering Networking Reception

Engineering students can network with companies looking to hire for full-time, part-time and internship opportunities.

EsportsLSU Friday Weekly Workshop

Weekly tournaments and game nights for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and more. --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2255843

LSU ladies 1st general meeting

Come join us Tuesday, February 6th from 6-7 pm to learn more about LSU Ladies United! --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2257520

The Ballroom Club at LSU's weekly dance lesson and social dance

The Ballroom Club at LSU offers free weekly dance lessons for LSU students. We will be teaching a different partner dance every two weeks. You do not need to...

The Movement Bible Study

Join us to study the Word of God, build community, and grow as disciples on Tuesdays from 6-7 PM. We are a non-judgmental, diverse student-led initiative!...

Chapter Meeting

Turning Point USA, LSU chapter meeting from 6:30pm-8:00pm --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2257178

AO Bible Talk

Short Bible discussion to learn how to apply God’s word to your life --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2256282

Cru Women's Night Small Group

All girls welcome to our nighttime bible study in the Union! --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2256471

Tuesday, February 6