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Friday, April 19

A black and white photo of a black woman alongside an illustration of Phyllis Wheatley

This spring, LSU Libraries Special Collections presents the exhibition, “For There is Always Light: The Wyatt Houston Day Collection of Poetry by African...

Testing Materials Pickup

Stop by the Student Government office to pick up FREE TESTING MATERIALS. We have scantrons, bluebooks and pencils for your testing needs this semester. Max...

Testing Materials Pickup

Stop by the Student Government office to pick up FREE TESTING MATERIALS. We have scantrons, bluebooks and pencils for your testing needs this semester. Max...

LSU Discover Day Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference

LSU Discover Day is an annual multi-discipline undergraduate research conference held in Baton Rouge, LA at Louisiana State University each spring. Students...

Spring 2024 Open Hours

Spring 2024 Open Hours --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2256335

Advisor helps student

Hosted by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, CASLA Workshop #2 will include the third session of a five session scaffolded series: Rubric...

Greekwide Freshmen Bible Study

Group of freshmen greek girls getting together to study the bible. --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2255803

LSU Panhellenic Council Executive Board Meetings

LSU Panhellenic Executive council weekly meetings --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2256098

Regional College Bowl Competition

The LSU Food Science Club is proud to host the Regional College Bowl Competition, a prestigious academic contest by IFT (Institute of Food Technologists)...

CHSE Ambassadors Training Weekend

CHSE Ambassadors Training Weekend Friday 5:00pm-9:00pm. . Saturday 8:00am-9:00pm. . Sunday 10:00am-2:00pm --- Event Details:...

23rd Animation Show of Shows

The ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS returns to theaters and campuses across North America this spring. This 23rd edition comprises 11 films – three recent...

blue ridge trombone quartet

The Blue Ridge Trombone Quartet, comprised of artists Nathan Dishman (Iowa State University), Drew Leslie (Colorado State University), Cory Mixdorf...


An evening of feasting and fellowship --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2256840

Thursday Night Ministry Meeting with Believers

Come fellowship with Believers of LSU. There will be singing, getting into the Bible, and more. --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2256356

EsportsLSU Friday Weekly Workshop

Weekly tournaments and game nights for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and more. --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2255843

LSU Film Maker's Club - Ice Breaker Event

*DISCLAIMER* - Disregard the date April 19th date.. . . . . . THE TRUE DATE: Friday 12 Apr 24. . . . Time: 6-8:30 PM. . . . Location: Allen Hall Room 123.. ....

Stylist Team Meeting

Weekly meeting for members of stylist team to collaborate on magazine styling efforts. --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2258008

Study Session

Weekly student study sessions! --- Event Details: https://tigerlink.lsu.edu/rsvp?id=2256959

Let Me Be; Grandma, Maama and Me by Sarah Nansabuga

Let Me Be; Grandma, Maama and Me - A show about grief, matriarchal relationships, death and folklore. Using two popular folklore tales from the central...

LSU Theatre presents MARBURG

A play presented by LSU Theatre - In 1967, a deadly virus outbreak in Marburg, Germany, kills 23, setting the stage for Guillem Clua's "Marburg," which...

Purple Brick Road to Wondaland

Purple Brick Road to Wondaland is a performance of Black Feminist Futurity, set in a time like now, but not; on a planet like ours, but not. The story...

la casa de bernarda alba

The Turner-Fischer Center for Opera brings you a modern adaptation of Federico Garcia Lorca’s legendary tragedy The House of Bernarda Alba, reimagined by...

Friday, April 19