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Welcome to the LSU College of Science, the place where science, research and innovation intersect to create an enriching academic experience that prepares students for a diversity of rewarding careers. Among our thousands of pacesetting graduates are leaders in research, medicine, business, industry, academia and public service. College of Science students are not only among LSU's best and brightest scholars, but are also key contributors to the groundbreaking research that has placed the university among the nation's top research institutions.

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LSU Saturday Science

LSU Saturday Science @EBRPL with Dr. Bret Elderd, Professor, LSU Department of Biological Sciences. Understanding how a disease moves through a population...

4/20 1pm
LSU Landolt Astronomical Observatory

Join us on Saturday, April 20 to view the Moon phase: Waxing Gibbous (3 days to full). Other targets: Spica, Arcturus, Mizar and Alcor. If the weather is...

4/20 9pm
Dr. Ashley Villar, assistant professor, Harvard University

Colloquium with Ashley Villar, assistant professor, Harvard University. The eruptions, collisions and explosions of stars drive the universe’s chemical and...

4/25 3:30pm
Dr. Marco Ajello, associate professor, Clemson University

Colloquium with Dr. Marco Ajello, associate professor, Clemson University Galaxies are multi-messenger sources through the acceleration and interaction of...

5/2 3:30pm

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