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School of Theatre

The LSU Theatre program attempts to serve its students in a number of ways, providing rigorous training in performance practices, the history and literature of the stage, and in the development of the critical, conceptual, and argumentative skills basic to a liberal arts education. The program aims to prepare its graduates for careers in both professional and educational theatre. The department also recognizes that theatre is no insular art but involves, reflects, and participates in the wider cultural thought and practices of our time. The program thus encourages a global view of performance; training in production skills should foster an awareness of the intellectual and political life of the contemporary world. We hold that our endeavor in theatre – both in performance and in scholarship – can assume an active role in the cultural dialogue, offering not simply entertainment, but insight and commentary regarding how we determine and pursue our social values and visions.

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Chelsea Marcantel's Airness is a heartwarming story that discovers there's more to air quitar than playing pretend; it's about finding yourself in your...

10/9 2pm

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