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What happened to the lithium?!

Department Chair Juff Blackmon: The Big Bang Model accurately describes many different astronomical observations. However, it predicts much more lithium to be produced than is observed in stars. The odds that the amount of observed lithium agrees with predictions of the Big Bang are less than 1 in 300. Is this a problem in the Big Bang Model or has an unknown process destroyed most of the lithium in the universe? We will review the "Cosmological Lithium Problem" and some speculative solutions.

Revealing the strange connection between gravity and fluid flow

Assistant Professor Justin Wilson: Dive into the fascinating world where physics meets the every day: in the flow of water, the chill of superconductors, and the mystery of quantum fluids. Our journey will navigate the concept of analog gravity—a mind-bending theory where common materials and fluids mimic the very fabric of space-time. Using the simple analogy of water flow, we'll unravel complex phenomena like black holes and the expanding universe, not with dense equations but with the clarity of a waterfall or stream. Imagine ripples on water as a way to understand light moving through space around cosmic behemoths and the currents that could represent the stretching expanse of our universe. We'll even touch upon the enigmatic principles of quantum field theory, broken down into a few digestible concepts. Come and explore this strange connection and learn new ways of thinking about the universe.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023 at 7:00pm

Varsite Theater 3353 Highland Road

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College of Science, Department of Physics & Astronomy


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