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Classics Film: “The Mole People”

Classical Studies Presents:


The Mole People (1956)


Archaeologists stumble upon an underground city of albino Sumerians living as they did at the time of Noah’s flood.  The Sumerians depend on the labor of enslaved humanoid creatures, the Mole People.  Soon the archaeologists run afoul of a powerful high priest and must face the fatal fire of Ishtar.  The movie stars John Agar (the first husband of Shirley Temple), Hugh Beaumont (the father on Leave It to Beaver) and Cynthia Patrick (uh . . . she later sold real estate).  An educational prologue was added to give the film gravitas.  77 minutes.  

“Probably the worst of Universal-International’s

‘50s sci-fi movies.”  -- Leonard Maltin


Thursday, 21 March, at 6:00 in Prescott 234

Admission is free as is the pizza while it lasts!

Part of the Kwirky Klassics Film Series

Thursday, March 21, 2019 at 6:00pm

Prescott Hall, 234

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Arts & Culture

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Students, Faculty, Staff



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