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Discover Nature Program: Backyard Birding ~ Bluebirds, Purple Martins, Wood Ducks

Featuring: Kenny Kleinpeter

Nothing warms the heart and makes you one with nature like having any one of the above species nesting in your backyard. Nestbox expert, Kenny Kleinpeter will show you how to attract, provide and protect these special cavity-nesting birds. It starts with a proper site evaluation then, beatbox placement. After that, maintaining suitable habitat with food sources, protective landscaping and predator control. Then, you sit back and let nature take its course. Backyard birding is a window into the world of true environmental care and appreciation that we all need to learn and practice if we plan to continue living comfortable and meaningful lives on this planet.  

Come learn about your next best obsession.  These birds will put love in your heart!

Kenny Kleinpeter, 65, is an eighth generation Baton Rouge native. His father had him shimmy up their wooden purple Martin house at 8 yrs of age to remove sparrow nests, non-native, unprotected species imported from Europe. Since then, he has been fascinated with any secondary-cavity nesting bird including, wrens, titmouses, chickadees, prothonotary warblers, bluebirds, martins, wood ducks and even, flying squirrels!  Any one of these nesters will amaze you as you observe them progressing from mating, nesting, egg laying, hatching fledging and teaching their young to feed and defend themselves in the wild, wild world of your very backyard! Kleinpeter builds his own Louisiana versions of bluebird and wood duck nest boxes made from 1 inch rough finished cypress boards with oversized roofs to insulate their eggs and fledglings from the ever-increasing summer heat. He has worked with numerous birding organizations throughout the years including the Purple Martin Conservation Association, North American Bluebird Society, The Wood Duck Society, Louisiana Bluebird Society and the Louisiana Audubon Society. The great thing about these birds, Kleinpeter says, is that they never stop teaching you.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Hilltop Arboretum, Imo Brown Complex in the Beverly Brown Coates Auditorium
11855 Highland Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70810

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Lectures & Presentations

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For members of Hilltop, CANPS and LMNGBR the fee is $5 per program, $10 for non-members, pay at the door.

Hilltop Arboretum
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