Louisiana State University

Pre-Spring Pregame Slumber Party

Basic Information:

Date: March 18th, 2020
Facilitator: RA Danielle Cruz
Program Type: Social

Learning Goals and Outcomes:

Social Skills and Connection Building: SWBAT connect with others and form new relationships
Basic: SWBAT interact with new people
Intermediate: SWBAT exhibit adequate social skills
Advanced: SWBAT seek out networking opportunities and build lasting relationships

Brief Description:
I recently looked through my Beacon page for my residents and realized that most of them do not seem to be having many new interactions, they seem to always interact with the same group of people. That being said, I also noticed my residents tend to enjoy more laid-back programming (like The Bachelor watch party I had). For this program, I want residents to feel comfortable and have the opportunity to speak to different people in a safe space. During this program, residents will play games together, eat, and design their own square sheets of paper that will be stapled as a "quilt" later on and hung in the hallway to symbolize the halls connection.

Community iPad, iPad connection cable, TigerLink card swiper, paper for those who did not bring Tiger Card
Community Cash / Raffle Tickets
Board Games (from the front desk)
Square Construction Paper (for the quilt)
Colored Pencils and Craft Materials (Some Supplied by RA, others in budget list)
Tortilla Chips and Dip

Two Weeks Before Activity:

Develop budget
Create plan for program
Create TigerLink
Create Flyer design

One Week Before Activity:

Hang Flyers
Send PDF Flyer to GroupMe
Remind Residents Regularly about program

Day Of Activity:

Prepare iPad and Card Swipe
Clean Loft Area
Start baking brownies an hour and a half before program
Start Popping Popcorn half hour before program
Gather Snacks
Gather Crafting Materials
Gather Games

During Activity:

Turn on TV
Take Attendance
Create Crafts
Play Games
Clean as needed

After Activity:

Clean as needed
Submit attendance in TigerLink
Take down flyers
Staple Papers together for quilt

Hosted by: Cedar Hall
Additional Information can be found at: lsu.campuslabs.com/engage/event/5650917

Wednesday, March 18 at 8:00pm to 9:00pm

Cedar Hall 2nd Floor Lounge

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